About Us

AGree's Mission

AGree seeks to drive positive change in the food and agriculture system by connecting and challenging leaders from diverse communities to catalyze action and elevate food and agriculture as a national priority.

Through its work, AGree will support policy innovation that addresses four critical challenges in a comprehensive and integrated way to overcome the barriers that have traditionally inhibited transformative change. AGree anticipates constructive roles for the private sector and civil society as well as for policymakers.

Our Vision

AGree envisions a world in 2030 in which people everywhere have access to affordable food that is nutritious and safe and promotes their health and well-being. Food and farming systems meet the nutritional needs of a growing global population, conserve the natural resources that sustain us, and diversify the supply of renewable energy feed stocks. Both rural and urban communities are food secure and economically robust. Farmers, ranchers, and workers throughout the food and agriculture supply chain are able to sustain the health of their families, the land, and animals, and benefit from improved access to high quality education, health care, and career opportunities.

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Who We Are

All stakeholders have increasingly important roles to play in meeting the challenges facing the food and agriculture system. AGree engages diverse interests to drive transformation of this critical system, including the agriculture, food, nutrition, conservation, environmental, energy, education, food safety, public health, security, international agricultural development, foreign assistance, and economic development communities. With support from nine of the world’s leading foundations, AGree is led by four Co-Chairs, each of whom represents a different experience and point-of-view on food and agriculture. We have created a diverse Advisory Committee that includes people from different sectors and fields who advise us on a variety of aspects of domestic and global agriculture issues. And our Research Committee of distinguished scientists helps ensure that our work is rooted in science and robust analysis as we seek to answer the tough questions and address the critical challenges.

About Us

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