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August 2018

This fall, AGree will host a series of luncheon discussions to explore issues related to agriculture data and technology, conservation, and crop insurance.

Save the Date | September 12, 2018 | Harnessing Ag Data and Protecting Producer Privacy: This discussion will examine how agriculture data can be leveraged to improve environmental outcomes and safeguard producer privacy. Ag data privacy experts will discuss the ways that data is currently being used to reduce producer risk and will also share insights from a recent AGree paper that explores how a centralized data warehouse at USDA could increase intra-agency efficiency and enable research about the impacts of conservation practices on producers’ risk, yield, and profitability. We will be in touch with more details about this event soon.

AGree will also host additional discussions in the fall and winter to explore timely issues for food and agriculture (listed below). We will provide more details about these luncheon discussions in the coming months:

  • Harnessing Big Data for Smallholder Farmers
  • Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology in Agriculture
  • Innovations in Agricultural Data Collection, Management, and Analysis
  • The Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) and Whole Farm Revenue Protection Program
  • Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Insurance and Integrated Livestock Systems

April 2017

Looking ahead to the 2018 farm bill, AGree hosted three discussions as part of its convening series timely food and agricultural policy issues.

Bipartisan Opportunities for the 2018 Farm Bill and Beyond: In February, AGree convened a standing room only discussion of nearly 100 people to look ahead to the next farm bill. The event featured a diverse panel of food and agriculture leaders, including a member of the beachhead team for USDA who moderated the panel. AGree Co-Chair Jim Moseley’s reflection about the need for bipartisan consensus-building was published in March by Morning Consult. Jerry Hagstrom provided keynote remarks.

Emerging Gene Editing Technologies in Agriculture: In October, AGree convened experts from diverse sectors including biotechnology, agriculture, environmental advocacy, and academia, to explore the implications of gene editing for food and agriculture. The discussion focused on the regulatory, consumer trust, trade, and other questions that need to be addressed in the near-term to ensure appropriate oversight and management of these fast moving applications in agriculture.

Immigration Reform - Looking to 2020: What Does the Future Hold for Foreign-born Labor in U.S. Agriculture and How Do We Get There?: In September, AGree hosted a public panel on policy solutions to address U.S. agricultural employers’ needs for skilled and seasonal workers. An op-ed describing the event, AGree Sees Opportunity to Secure a Stable, Legal Workforce for U.S. Agricultureauthored by AGree Co-Chairs Dan Glickman, Jim Moseley, Kathleen Merrigan and Emmy Simmons, was published by Agri-Pulse following the event.

To share your ideas, or to request more information about AGree’s convening series, please contact Todd Barker (

September 2016

Congressional leaders responsible for developing the next farm bill, foundations, and others have expressed interest in utilizing the AGree platform to convene diverse stakeholders around controversial and important issues affecting food and agriculture. We will hold meetings this fall on the following topics, with additional topics and convenings being considered for late 2016 and 2017. Please note that the Urban Agriculture and the Next Farm Bill Symposium is open to the public.

  • Immigration Reform - Looking to 2020: What Does the Future Hold for Foreign-born Labor in U.S. Agriculture and How Do We Get There? September 19, 1:30 – 3:00 pm, Meridian’s Offices (1800 M Street, NW, Suite 400N, WDC 20036).

  • Urban Agriculture and the Next Farm Bill Symposium. This event is Co-hosted by George Washington University (GW), AGree, Michigan State University, and the University of the District of Columbia. September 30, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, GW’s Jack Morton Auditorium (805 21st St NW, WDC 20052). Click here to register to attend or view the livestream.

  • Emerging Gene Editing Technologies in Food and Agriculture. Gene-editing technologies and their potential applications to human health, food, and agriculture are accelerating. Robust conversations about the technologies’ use in medicine and human subjects are underway, but constructive and in-depth societal dialogue must also take place about how gene editing technologies can be deployed within food and agriculture. AGree is convening senior-level leaders in October to discuss the benefits, risks, and impacts associated with gene editing in food and agriculture.

To share your ideas, or to request more information about AGree’s convening series, please contact Todd Barker ( .

April 2016

With the 2018 Farm Bill on the horizon, policy deliberations are already underway. To inform its development, AGree is kicking off a convening series that will explore priority issues relevant to the 2018 Farm Bill and other related policy vehicles.

Leveraging AGree’s role as a safe and trusted convener, the one-day convenings will provide diverse stakeholders an opportunity to explore complex and often controversial issues in depth, hear new perspectives, and establish relationships with those in attendance. Outcomes from the meetings will be shared with policymakers and other leaders to directly influence policy deliberations.

AGree Co-Chairs and Advisors, key stakeholders involved in the 2018 Farm Bill process, and a wide range of political, NGO, industry, and government leaders have suggested several potential convening topics, including the following:

  • 2014 Farm Bill Conservation Partnership Implementation;
  • 2014 Farm Bill Crop Insurance Program Implementation;
  • Regional, Local, and Urban Food Policies;
  • The Future of Risk Management Policy;
  • New Gene Editing Technologies;
  • Antibiotic Use;
  • Food Labeling; and
  • Data.

To share your ideas, or to request more information about AGree’s convening series, please contact Todd Barker ( .