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(Article Summarized by Meridian Institute) Environmental Health News this week is diving into the topic of hog production with its series “Peak Pig: The Fight for the Soul of Rural America.” EHN sent reporters to North Carolina and Iowa, the two highest producing states, to see how the hog industry is reshaping the rural U.S. EHN writes: “In North Carolina, hog workers are Guinea pigs of antibiotic resistance and the state's industry titans consistently battle with neighbors in court. In Iowa, a bipartisan undercurrent of rebellion is pushing for local control and a re-imagining of 21st Century farm life. Meet the characters raising hogs on pasture, without metal cages or drugs. Learn how renewable energy ideas may put a dent in manure piles and methane loads. Hog farming consolidation has forever reshaped farm communities. Peak Pig takes readers to the frontlines of controversy in the countryside and investigates what it means to be rural in an age of mega-farms.” The full series can be viewed on the EHN website.

Posted November 13th, 2017