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AGree Unveils Diverse Advisory Committee to Shape Policy Path

Twenty-nine member committee embodies AGree’s inclusive approach to finding food

and agriculture policy solutions



WASHINGTON, D.C., June 23, 2011— AGree, a new initiative to transform food and agriculture policy, today announced the 29 members of its Advisory Committee, who will help shape and guide the direction of the initiative’s strategy and objectives.


The Advisory Committee is a core component of AGree’s endeavor to change the current inertia on agriculture issues by engaging a broad array of stakeholders to develop solutions to improve agricultural productivity and environmental performance at the national and global levels; enhance availability of and access to nutritious foods; and promote opportunities for rural communities to succeed economically. 


The committee is composed of experts with diverse experience in their respective fields including farmers, ranchers, nutritionists, energy experts, environmentalists, scientists, technology developers, economists, business owners, international development veterans, and public health specialists. 


“The Advisory Committee will provide important input and insight into food and agriculture policy that will allow AGree to produce innovative research and effective policy,” said Jim Moseley, AGree Co-Chair, and former Deputy Secretary at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “I look forward to lively discussions with all of the Committee members.”


“It is important that all voices on food and agriculture issues have an equal chance of being heard,” said Gary Hirshberg, AGree Co-Chair and President and CE-“Yo” of Stonyfield Farm. “The Advisory Committee will allow that evidence-based discussion to take place, and I am excited about what we may learn from each other.” 


“The Advisory Committee is a testament to the fact that food and agriculture affects many different parts of our lives and successful policy must be developed with all of these parts in mind,” said Dan Glickman, a third AGree Co-Chair and a former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. “The discussions will be intense but I believe the Advisory Committee will help steer AGree down the most effective path to transform food and agriculture policy.”


“The Advisory Committee will provide crucial links between international and domestic food and agriculture policy,” said Emmy Simmons, the fourth AGree Co-Chair, and former Assistant Administrator at U.S. Agency for International Development. “International and domestic policy experts will be at the same table on a consistent basis to discuss the policy implications that trade, research and international aid decisions have on each other. It is an unprecedented interaction that I welcome on several fronts and look forward to participating in.”


The Advisory Committee will provide key inputs that will help shape and direct AGree research topics and reports, discussion forums and policy recommendations — in coordination with the four co-chairs and a Research Committee, whose members will be announced shortly. The Advisory Committee will meet several times a year with each other and the other AGree participants to discuss evolving problems and solutions in food and agriculture. 


“I am excited to announce such a dynamic list of experts to advise AGree on food and agriculture policy from such varied perspectives,” said Deborah Atwood, Executive Director of AGree. “It is an honor that these experts have committed their time and attention to AGree and it highlights a growing consensus that AGree’s distinctive and inclusive approach to these issues is needed,” she said.


AGree will utilize broad stakeholder input and best-in-class research to find long-term solutions for agricultural, food and rural development issues in U.S. and international policy. It will provide a platform for diverse interests concerned and committed to finding solutions to food and agriculture issues.


For a full list of Advisory Committee members, click here.


AGree is funded by Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and The Walton Family Foundation.


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 Media Contact: Kate Ling




Posted June 23rd, 2011